Monday, November 10, 2008

Game Changers

In this post, i present three exciting and innovative companies that im associated with, in one way or the other. I believe these companies are real game changers in their respective sectors.

Cyber Ad World is an Israel-based digital media company that has developed a unique product CYBERAD™,  to address the burgeoning needs of online video marketplace. CYBERAD™ is a web-based ad-server for inserting video ads into streaming video content. Sounds familiar! - wait till you read more. CYBERAD™ adopts a patent-pending Dual-Stream Technology (DST), wherein content and advertising video streams are transmitted separately. DST significantly reduces bandwidth needs, and thus lowers the costs associated with online video streaming. In addition to regular features available with conventional ad-servers such as targeting and measurabilityCYBERAD™ provides additional flexibility for publishers to place ads at will at any time during a video stream content - thus an online video publisher can seamlessly port traditional broadcast-like content, and maximise revenue. Further, the low cost of video streaming enables the publisher to increase profitability.

Accelegrow is a US-based Agro-tech company that is revolutionising the agriculture industry. The company owns a patented product, which is essentially a 'Bio-Fertilizer Supplement'. This bio-fertilizer product utilizes a unique technology that delivers higher crop yield; is eco-friendly due to its ability to deliver higher carbon sequestering (and hence qualifies for carbon credits); and consumes significantly less water (ideal for water-starved areas). Accelegrow's wholly-owned subsidiary, Ecoverdance, is a carbon trading company that helps Accelegrow clients to monetize their accumulated carbon credits. Here's the best part - the product is distributed FREE to the farmers, and in return, accumulated carbon credits are traded (exchanged). Typically, the company shares part of its carbon revenue with farmers! Thus, all water-starved poor countries are huge target markets. Can anyone compete with a FREE product? Click on the link to watch an interview with the cofounder

Neutron Systems is a California-based company in the telecom-software space. The company has developed a path-breaking product that is likely to re-define digital convergence in a way never seen before. Neutron Domestic Data Gateway is a product aimed at the digital convergence home segment. The home service system is a secure access point device that will consolidate all existing services at a user level, and provides new generation multimedia services with carrier grade quality. For the first time, we can think about targeted advertising at a user level among multiple-media platforms. Neutron gateway integrates secure-internet access with Voip and traditional POT voice services, and standard or high-definition TV channels' video services. The product, in the form of a console, will allow tracking of consumer media consumption across the Internet-Mobile-TV-VOD. This will enable advertisers to target household consumers through integrated multi-media campaigns - truly game changing.